Explicit Consent Statement

Last Update: 21.04.2022

Your personal data is obtained and processed by “Lytera”, whose information is given below, with the status of “data controller” regarding lytera.io.

  • Title : Lytera Teknoloji A.Ş.
  • Established : 21.04.2022
  • MERSİS : 0609117449300001
  • Tax Office : Erenköy Tax Office – 6091174493
  • Trade Register : İstanbul TSM – 376428-5
  • E-Mail : [email protected]

Lytera; In order to increase the quality of the services it provides and to ensure service continuity, it receives services from third parties and companies operating in the country and abroad on infrastructure, analysis, documentation, audio and video communication.

Keeping any personal data on servers located abroad within the scope of personal data protection legislation is considered as the transfer of data abroad and requires the explicit consent of the relevant personal data owner.

Personal data is necessarily transferred abroad for the purposes of providing and developing the service expected by the Users from Lytera exactly and duly, and communicating between Lytera and Users. However, this transfer does not occur as a direct data transfer to Lytera’s business partners. It is realized by keeping the personal data of the users in an electronic environment in a reliable manner regarding the storage and infrastructure services provided by third parties and companies.

In order to provide the service expected from Lytera fully and properly, some personal data of users will need to be shared with Lytera. Because some of the services offered by Lytera are in the form of sending newsletters, reports and documents to users’ e-mail addresses. For this reason, the following personal data of users may be obtained and processed.

  • Name-surname (not required to be shared with Lytera),
  • Email address (must be shared with Lytera),
  • Profile photo (not required to be shared with Lytera),
  • Crypto asset wallet address (not required to be shared with Lytera).

Some of the services offered by Lytera may be specific to paid membership types only. In such a case, users can be directed to online payment platforms via lytera.io.

Lytera; does not obtain and process any data of users regarding payments collected through third party online payment platforms.

Lytera also automatically collects traffic data, including the IP address of the users, in order to improve the services it offers, to analyze the problems that may be experienced and to prevent their recurrence, to enable a faster and more reliable experience.

Lytera requires the explicit consent of the users in order to transfer the personal data specified in this text abroad (due to processing by companies whose servers are located abroad). In the absence of consent, Lytera will not obtain any personal data of the User and will delete any personal data it has obtained so far, if any.

However; Since Lytera will absolutely need this personal data to provide services and fulfill its contractual obligations, Lytera will not be able to provide a service if explicit consent is not given.


  • By approving this text, he/she expressly consents to the transfer of personal data abroad as explained above.
  • He can withdraw his consent by confirming the text at any time by sending an e-mail to [-]@lytera.io. In such a case, the relevant User;
  • No other personal data will be obtained,
  • Existing personal data will not be subjected to a new process,
  • In addition, his personal data will be deleted or anonymized upon request.

In case of any change regarding the processing and protection of personal data, Lytera will update the explicit consent declaration at lytera.io/[-] and notify the relevant persons of this update via e-mail.

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