Explicit Consent Statement For Cookies

Last Update: 21.04.2022

On the lytera.io website, which is managed by “Lytera”, whose information is given below, some cookies are used for purposes such as improving the user experience of visitors and users, performing visit and user analysis, providing a fast, and functional service, ensuring transaction security, and personalizing the user interface. More detailed information about cookies can be found at www.allaboutcookies.org.

  • Title : Lytera Teknoloji A.Ş.
  • Established : 21.04.2022
  • MERSİS : 0609117449300001
  • Tax Office : Erenköy Tax Office – 6091174493
  • Trade Register : İstanbul TSM – 376428-5
  • E-Mail : [email protected]

In order to increase the quality of its services and to ensure service continuity, Lytera can receive services from third parties and companies operating in the country and abroad on infrastructure and analysis.

The personal data of users and visitors are stored on their own devices through cookies and can be processed by Lytera through lytera.io within the scope of the service Lytera receives from third parties and companies.

Even keeping any personal data on servers located abroad within the scope of the personal data protection legislation is considered as a transfer abroad and requires the explicit consent of the relevant personal data owner.

Personal data is compulsorily transferred abroad for purposes such as providing and improving the service that users and visitors expect from Lytera. However, this transfer does not occur as a direct data transfer to Lytera’s business partners. It is realized by hosting the personal data of users and visitors in an electronic environment in a reliable manner regarding the storage and infrastructure services provided by third parties and companies. In other words; While the personal data of users and visitors are stored on their own devices, only processing is carried out through Lytera’s business partners.

By approving this text, users and visitors may consent to the processing of personal data obtained by Lytera through mandatory cookies and preferred cookies for recording, analysis and development purposes.

  • The consent given for the personal data that can be obtained through optional cookies is given when the user or visitor takes the “preference” action in this regard.
  • However, the consent for the personal data that can be obtained through mandatory cookies is given by the approval of the cookie notification made to the user or visitor, or by continuing to use the site without giving any consent.

It should be noted that; Lytera will not be able to operate on lytera.io without mandatory cookies. Providing the service that users and visitors expect from Lytera in accordance with the personal data protection legislation depends on the acceptance of mandatory cookies.

Because; Users and visitors who do not consent to mandatory cookies or withdraw their consent may not receive the service they expect from Lytera. Otherwise, users or visitors who continue to use lytera.io are deemed to consent to mandatory cookies.

Users and visitors can withdraw their explicit consent at any time by updating their cookie settings.

Users and visitors accept and declare that the explicit consent statement, information texts and clarification text provided by Lytera regarding cookies are presented to them in a readable and accessible way. User and visitors accept and declare that they are aware of the preferences offered to them through cookie notifications and settings, that these settings are determined by them, and that they have sufficient information to give explicit consent for the processing and transfer of personal data obtained through cookies.

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