User Agrement

Last Update : 21.07.2022

This User Agreement (“Agreement”) has been prepared for the purpose of determining the details of the services offered by Lytera Teknoloji A.Ş. (“Lytera”) for the benefit of the Users and determining the conditions regarding the use of the services and the mutual rights and obligations of the Parties. Users will be able to benefit from Lytera services as long as they comply with the terms set forth in the Agreement.

Article 1. – Services and Lytera’s Responsibilities

  1. Lytera provides membership-based research and data analysis services on the website. Documents created within the scope of this service are presented on in different formats, content, duration and forms according to membership types.
  2. The contents of the reports and information documents published by Lytera are compiled from sources including third parties and institutions, and Lytera does not make any commitments or guarantees on any issue, including the way in which the information is contained in these documents is processed and presented. Information obtained through different membership types cannot be considered as advice or consultancy data for Users, unless otherwise expressly stated by Lytera.
  3. The reports and documents related to the research, examination, compilation and other analyzes made by Lytera are for informational purposes only and the decision to act in line with this information rests solely with the User.
  4. is an online platform. Links to third parties and companies can be included on this platform, as well as can be accessed through links belonging to third parties and companies. Lytera is not responsible for itself or for external links and references given to it. If the users use these links, all responsibility belongs to them.
  5. Lytera may change, update, remove, delete, suspend or similarly change the documents related to the service it offers. Users cannot claim any rights due to Lytera’s use of this right and authority.

Article 2. – User Obligations

  1. Membership of users to Lytera through the domain address is subject to the approval of this Agreement.
  2. By approving the Agreement, the Users expressly accept and declare that they will act in accordance with all rules and obligations regulated and referred to in the Agreement and that there are no restrictions that may prevent them from fulfilling this commitment.
  3. Users are obliged to act in accordance with the mandatory legal rules, commercial ethical rules, applicable legislation and honesty within the scope of the service they receive from Lytera.
  4. Users shall declare that (i) the services offered by Lytera are prepared and provided for informational and educational purposes only, (ii) this information cannot be considered as financial advice, estimation, speculative explanation or instruction in any way, (iii) Financial losses may occur due to the application, economic development, infrastructure, project, protocol or other issues and related economic transactions that are the subject of Lytera’s services, and that they should make a decision by researching the issue before taking any action in this regard, (iv) expressly accepts and declares that they know that Lytera cannot be held responsible for any damage, loss, or other negativity that may occur, that they are a member of Lytera with the awareness of all these, and that they will act accordingly.
  5. Logo, brand, image, video, text, icon, statistical data, report, document, information, owned by and Lytera and included in other platforms; Any tangible and intangible data that can be associated with Lytera and suitable for ownership/right to be established under the legislation; protected as much as possible under the relevant legislation.
    1. Users can access the Data only limited to the access authorizations provided by their membership. Under no circumstances has Lytera granted Users any intellectual property rights or similar authority or opportunity, including partial or complete copying, modification, public offering, sale, transfer or disclosure of the Data.
    2. Unless otherwise stated by Lytera explicitly and in accordance with the legislation, the terms and conditions of the Users on the Data may differ according to the type of membership; A non-transferable, non-exclusive, multiple viewable access authorization is granted. Users shall not engage in any executive or negligent behavior that would exceed the limits of this right and authority.
    3. Provided that the Users do not violate any of Lytera’s rights; (i) partially quoting the Data by referencing Lytera and the internet address, where the relevant Data is located, with an identifier such as “Taken from Lytera”; and (ii) sharing the access address of the relevant Data together with the title, author owner and the name of “Lytera” is not considered a violation.
    4. Users are responsible for the damages that Lytera will suffer in case of non-compliance with the obligations set forth in this section, as well as for termination of the relevant violation at Lytera’s first request and to return directly to Lytera the economic benefit obtained due to the violation.
  6. Membership information and data are unique to each User. Users cannot transfer the rights and authority granted to them in favor of third parties by sharing information about their own membership, logging in more than once or in other ways. In case of detection of a breach of this obligation, Lytera has the right and authority to terminate the relevant membership or memberships immediately and retain the fee collected, without prejudice to all other rights.
  7. The User is responsible if there are deficiencies, inaccuracies or errors in the information provided by the Users to Lytera and the changes to be made in this information are not notified to Lytera.
  8. Users may not make any statements against Lytera or third parties, or engage in executive or negligent behavior that would violate their rights, on platforms managed by or Lytera.
  9. Users are obliged not to make false statements against Lytera on any public platform. In case of breach of the obligation, the relevant User is responsible for the damage, loss of reputation and other negativities suffered by Lytera.
  10. By approving this Agreement, the Users expressly accept and declare that they are a natural person who has the power to distinguish, who has completed the age of eighteen, is not subject to legal restrictions, is not under custody or guardianship, and that they will not hold Lytera responsible for any consequences arising from them.
  11. Users agree and declare that they are aware that Lytera will provide services in accordance with the membership types detailed in this Agreement and that they cannot claim any rights from Lytera regarding any service not included in the membership types.
  12. Users are personally responsible for any business, transaction and activity that occurs in their own account. Lytera is not responsible for the use of account information, password or other information and data by an unauthorized person or persons. Users should immediately notify Lytera of any breach of security or unauthorized use they encounter.
  13. Some of the services offered by Lytera may be provided for a fee. Users expressly accept and declare to pay fees, additional payments, taxes and other payments in full and duly in membership relations to be established for a fee.

Article 3. – Disclaimer

  1. The services, information, data, tools and content provided by Lytera are provided for informational and educational purposes only.
  2. Under no circumstances shall Lytera be considered as an intermediary, brokerage, dealer, advisory or another service provider in relation to crypto assets, capital market instruments, currencies, commodities or other assets of economic value.
  3. No data regarding the services offered by Lytera can be considered as investment advice, nor as an offer or recommendation regarding the purchase, sale or other use of any asset.
  4. The information shared by Lytera on or any platform is not prepared as a complete source of legal, commercial or other information or as a result of service. Users should not make economic decisions only within the scope of the services offered by Lytera, and should not consider information that has not been verified by independent research to be carried out in person or through expert consultants.
  5. All kinds of information, data, text, graphics, statistical data, links, visual and audio materials in the content related to the service provided by Lytera are based on publicly available sources or the know-how and experience of the persons performing the relevant service; It should not be considered as a final, definitive, complete, accurate resource.
  6. Lytera is not responsible for inaccuracies, errors, omissions and other issues in the services it provides, and does not guarantee that any aspect of the services is reliable, accurate and complete. Any information and learning acquired by Users within Lytera may only be used under the Users’ own initiative and responsibility.
  7. The areas and topics that Lytera serves are generally related to securities, capital markets, crypto assets or web3 technology. It is at the discretion of each User to take action in this area, which has various risks and can be affected by speculation.

Article 4. – Memberships

  1. Lytera provides services on a membership basis.
  2. There are two types of memberships within Lytera and the details of these memberships are published by Lytera at[-].
    1. Standard: It has the right to access the monthly newsletters prepared by Lytera every month, as well as research reports and other content to which Lytera will also have access to the Standard membership package.
    2. Lytera Pro: It has the right to access monthly bulletins prepared by Lytera every month and all reports and content related to Macroeconomic Analysis, DeFi Research, DAO Research, Metaverse Research and other topics that Lytera deems appropriate.
  3. Within the scope of the Lytera Pro membership package, two different subscription types are offered, monthly and annual. Lytera freely sets the price for the monthly and annual packages. With the purchase of the Lytera Pro membership package by the User, a free trial period (“Free Trial”) is defined to the User under the following conditions:
    1. The Free Trial is fourteen (14) days from the date of completion of the Lytera Pro membership process.
    2. In order to benefit from the Free Trial, the User must complete the membership process with suitable payment information regarding Lytera Pro membership. No fees will be charged by Lytera until the Free Trial ends.
    3. The User may cancel the Lytera Pro membership package in accordance with the terms of this User Agreement until the Free Trial ends. In the event that the Lytera Pro membership package is not canceled, Lytera will collect the fee for the Lytera Pro subscription type (monthly or annual) preferred by the User, based on the convenient payment information provided by the User, within the first day following the end of the Free Trial.
    4. Free Trial refers to the period during which Users can exercise their right of withdrawal regarding the Lytera Pro membership package.
    5. Free Trial is not included in the membership period of Users’ Lytera Pro subscription type (monthly or annual).
  4. Lytera has the right and authority to change the scope, pricing, content of the memberships, create a new membership type or terminate an existing membership package. This right and authority of Lytera has proactive consequences. The changes to be made in the pricing will become valid for the next payment period.
  5. Memberships for payment of a fee are established only for the relevant period in which the payment is made for the paying User. Membership may be suspended or terminated by Lytera in cases such as failure to make full and proper payments, or incomplete or incorrect information.

Article 5. – Termination and Change of Membership

  1. Users can change, suspend or terminate their memberships within the framework of their existing membership plans by submitting an application via[-].
  2. Regarding the termination of the membership or membership package by the User;
    1. In case of termination of standard subscriptions, the User’s right to use Lytera services terminates immediately.
    2. In case of terminations made within the Free Trial, the User’s right to benefit from Lytera services expires on the date the Free Trial ends.
    3. No refund will be made to the User for terminations made within the scope of the Lytera Pro membership package after the Free Trial. However, the User continues to get services for the period for which he paid a fee, limited to the relevant period.
    4. If the User requests separately via[-], the personal data of the User can be deleted, anonymized or destroyed as required.
  3. In case the membership is terminated by Lytera;
    1. The User’s right to use Lytera services terminates immediately.
    2. There are no refunds for memberships made for a fee.
    3. If the User requests separately via[-], the personal data of the User can be deleted, anonymized or destroyed as required.
  4. If the membership is changed, the membership type is changed to the membership type that the User prefers and fulfills the conditions, effective from the next membership period.

Article 6. – Changes

  1. Lytera has the right and authority to change this Agreement unilaterally and to create additional binding texts to the Agreement. In case of a change or addition that the Users must comply with, Lytera; It notifies the Users about the scope of the relevant change or addition, the date of entry into force and other issues via e-mail and updates the Agreement at[-]. Unless stated otherwise, all updates are effective on the date of publication on[-].
  2. Lytera has the right and authority to make unilateral changes to the services, including but not limited to changing the services it offers, ending a service type or content, and adding a new service type. Users cannot claim any rights from Lytera due to updates to the services.

Article 7. – Other Terms

  1. This Agreement shall enter into force upon publication at[-].
  2. Unless otherwise stated, the legislation of the Republic of Turkey will be applied in all disputes related to the contract.
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