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Baki Er
Baki Er
Baki received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at METU. In his academic career, he worked in the fields of robotics, artificial intelligence and machine learning. For many years, he worked in corporate companies in roles such as design engineer, algorithm developer and project technical manager. He has been taking an active role in the crypto ecosystem since 2017. With the DeFi Library project that he has been running for more than 2 years, he has been instrumental in introducing DeFi to thousands of people.
Web3 Investments : August'22 to October'22
7 min
Web3 Investments : August’22 to October’22
– Despite the lingering bear market, investments in Web3 has been relatively.
9 November, 2022
Celestia : Building Block of Modular Blockchain Architecture
14 min
Celestia : Building Block of Modular Blockchain Architecture
As a result of the emergence of various Layer-1 blockchains and the.
10 August, 2022
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