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Caner Budak
Caner Budak
As of 2019, Caner, who took a deep dive into this universe as he met with blockchain, is studying Electrical Engineering at Istanbul Technical University. Caner, the former president of the ITU Blockchain Club, actively carries out activities within the Turkish crypto ecosystem. In this context, he is a lover of decentralization, who works as a volunteer for various organizations and content, and conducts deep research on blockchain with his interest in Computer and Economics sciences.
Fuel Report
30 min
Fuel Report
Fuel distinguishes itself as a modular execution layer among many scaling solutions. 
2 May, 2023
NFT Wash Trade Analysis
20 min
NFT Wash Trade Analysis
Wash Trade has become an inevitable part of the NFT world. It.
19 April, 2023
On-Chain Autopsy of FTX Collapse
24 min
On-Chain Autopsy of FTX Collapse
– FTX and Alameda bankruptcy is one of the biggest catastrophic events.
17 December, 2022
Web3 Investments : August'22 to October'22
7 min
Web3 Investments : August’22 to October’22
– Despite the lingering bear market, investments in Web3 has been relatively.
9 November, 2022
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